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Website and Mobile App

The MapYourTag solution is divided into two main parts:
- The Website
- The Mobile App

The Website

The website is mainly intended for the administration (Admin and Owner). From his MapYourTag account, the Admin can set preferences, pay for the subscription (Owner), create or edit data related to the assets, tags or users. Some initial settings are required before to start using the mobile app. The documentation devotes an entire section to the setup and the administration of the MapYourTag solution. In addition to the administrator, the other users can access the website. These users will be restricted according to their user role (check the user role matrix from this page). Most of the operations can be done from both the website and the mobile app. 

mapyourtag website


The Mobile App

The mobile app (for phones or tablets operated by Android or iOS) is mainly used by the operators for daily operations. The admin uses the mobile app to control that the app works as expected. Only the users created by the Admin will have the possibility to use the MapYourTag mobile app in connection with the database of the Admin's account. Through the app, the users (depending on their role) can interact with the database. 
The mobile phone is used as barcode reader by the operator to 
- register a new assets. From the MapYourTag app, the operator can scan a barcode, a QR code, a NFC or manually enter an ID to assign it to a new asset or an existing one. 
- update the status of an asset.  The operator scan the tag attached to the asset to update its status. The operator can be prompted to answer to a custom survey. The survey is generally made by the Administrator through the Group of assets settings page.  

Technical specifications: 

Android phones and tablet
- Android 4.0.3 and up
iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch
- iOS 8.0 and up
For both Android and iOS, MapYourTag requires:
- the GPS enabled
- an Internet connection (WIFI, 3/4G)
- a fully functional camera
- the NFC enabled (for Android equipped with an NFC chip and when you intend to use NFC tags) 
CAUTION: A user can create only one MapYourTag account with his email address. 

mapyourtag mobile app

Mobile app