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Want to know more about settings up your account and managing your team? It's right here!


When you sign up to create your MapYourTag account, you are entitled to the Owner role. You are the administrator of the account with the possibility to subscribe to one of our plans. If you are not the person who can pay for the subscription, then you can create a new user (from the finance dpt.) with the Owner role. Note that this person can also administrate the MapYourTag account. 

CAUTION: If you are the only one person with the Owner role in your organization, don't switch to the Admin user role. Otherwise, you won't be able to manage your subscription to MapYourTag anymore. You even won't have the possibility to revert to the Owner role, nor to create a new Owner. You can entitle another user with the Owner role.

When you sign up and create your MapYourTag account, no credit card or payment is required. You always start with the free version. You can subscribe to one of our plans from the "View my plan" page.
You are welcome to keep using the free service, for private and non-commercial use. The free version displays advertising alongside the screen and has some limits on usage. If you want to use some features from the paid version feel free to ask us by email at

Company Details:
Please fill in the details about your company address. 
IMPORTANT: If you are from the European Union, please provide your VAT reg no. 

The Owner and Administrator are the higher levels of user. They can add/edit/delete all the data as
- assets and tags
- users
- company information
- paying plan (Owner only)

The administrator set up the MapYourTag asset tracking application to respond to the company needs. 
The administrator customize the MapYourTag app so the user of the MapYourTag mobile application (tagger and operator) will be able to register and track the company assets or activity. 

The next chapters show to the administrator these settings.