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Quickly get into MapYourTag from here!

MapYourTag enables companies to track physical assets like equipment, tools, spare parts, appliances,... But MapYourTag can also follow your activity like cleaning services, maintenance, inspection, patrol...

MapYourTag is a cloud-based solution. It is divided into two main areas: The website and the mobile app.

There are several types of users involved in the use of MapYourTag. The two main categories are the administrator and the operator. 

  • The administrator (admin) usually accesses to the backend through the MapYourTag website to configure the system and to apply the preferences for the mobile app that the user will use
  • The operator, also named the user, uses exclusively the mobile app for the daily operation (asset tracking)

The documentation provides specific topics for AdminUser & Developer

Check below the user role matrix (available from the Manage user page in your account).

user matrix

The MapYourTag app can read barcodes, QR codes, NFC, or an asset ID tag. 


Setting up a MapYourTag account is fairly straightforward. When you create an account, you are entitled to the Owner role. The Owner is an administrator who can handle payment to MapYourTag through the subscription page (you need to log in as an Owner to access this page). 

CAUTION: If you are the only one person with the Owner role in your organization, don't switch to the Admin user role. Otherwise, you won't be able to manage your subscription to MapYourTag anymore. You even won't have the possibility to revert to the Owner role, nor to create a new Owner. You can entitle another user with the Owner role.

To create your MapYourTag account, go to the sign-up page.

As said above, the only difference between the Owner and the Admin is that the Owner can handle payment to MapYourTag.