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Anyone who has ever had problems with their computer knows how frustrating troubleshooting can be. Computer crashes, program freezing, bugs, viruses, and more have plagued the computer user since the invention of the machine. While every subsequent generation gets more familiar and savvy with troubleshooting and diagnosing computational problems, the software and hardware continue to get more advanced and complicated.

As a result, the average user does not even know where to begin when a problem arises. Even tech giants like Apple have not found a practical way to allow average users to troubleshoot and solve software, compatibility, and other issues that plague computers. However, a new innovation may put an end to the hours of online scouring and headaches associated with software troubleshooting, at least for Windows users... 

Blue Screen of Death

blue screen

(Image: Imgur / Microsoft)

An infamous sight among computer users, the blue screen of death on Windows has annoyed and frustrated computer users for many years. Not only does the blue screen of death signify that your PC is crashing, it adds to the annoyance by showing cryptic, high- level computer coding to explain the problem that even a NASA scientist with a PHD in Computer Engineering would have trouble understanding.

The kind of frustration users experience as a result of this blue screen of death is what has given it such an infamous reputation. Now however, a new innovation has technology enthusiasts and users rejoicing. That is because Windows 10 is looking to implement a QR code to accompany crashes that offer more extensive information about the error. 

Fast and Accurate Diagnostics


These QR codes Microsoft are working on implementing will be able to provide an impressive amount of information to the user. The currently developed software has the scanned QR code take the user to a windows website specifically designed to interpret the error codes generated in the QR code. There, a user can look at a wide range of some common causes for their error. These QR codes allow for Microsoft, as well as the user to cut down on unnecessary online research, allowing for a faster pinpoint of whatever is causing the problem.

The new tool can even help IT technicians as well. Now that a user can simply scan a QR code to get an understanding of the root problem, even the most inexperienced user can provide IT technicians and professionals with enough information to quickly locate and fix the issue.

See more about Microsoft’s move into QR codes here:

Powerful Potential

QR code

While QR codes are far from new, the way that Windows is utilizing them is nothing short of an innovation. This move by Microsoft has certainly stoked the imagination of many, having them wonder just how else QR codes can be used to make a system easier and more efficient.

The future of QR codes promises to be an exciting one. These tags are a quick and easy way to relay information to consumers. QR codes can be used in any industry. Imagine restaurant menus with QR codes to give you the nutritional information, visuals, and specific customer reviews for the dish. These codes could also be used by nurses and doctors, as a simple code could contain the entire medical history of a patient, making for an easier diagnosis.

QR and barcodes can even be linked to GPS systems in order to allow a product to be easily found. Imagine uploading a shopping list to your phone, then the phone mapping out the most efficient path to each item. This also prevents going to a store that is currently out of a specific brand or product you are looking for. 

The potential for these codes are limitless. Even now QR codes are being used to help businesses effectively and affordably track assets, count inventory, and check the status of shipped items. They are also used in event management, human resources, safety control, supply chain, and so much more.

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